You Could Make a Killing on eBay If You Own One of These

If you haven't gotten around to spring-cleaning, we advise you get to it because that pile of unwanted clothes and accessories could be worth some serious cash. The folks at eBay revealed a list of the 12 top-selling fashion items along with the kind of return sellers could expect for both used and new versions of the stylish pieces.

From Canada Goose coats and Burberry trenches to classic accessories like Christian Louboutin heels and Louis Vuitton handbags, used versions of the wardrobe favorites can sell for $700 or more. A few hundred dollars doesn't necessarily count as a significant ROI when you think of how much you've splurged on your closet's collection, but why not clear the way for new pieces and make a little cash along the way? The selling odds are in your favor because, according to eBay, "a pair of women's shoes is purchased every 8 seconds, and a woman's handbag is purchased every 13 seconds on eBay in the U.S. alone." We're almost certain you'll want to get to purging after seeing this list. Take a look at the top-selling fashion pieces on eBay and their average sale price below.

  • Canada Goose Coat (New: $459 to $580; Used: $314 to $479)
  • Burberry Trench Coat (New: $423 to $576; Used: $160 to $217)
  • Movado Watch (New: $245 to $367; Used: $121 to $161)
  • Prada Sunglasses (New: $104 to $129; Used: $51 to $60)
  • Louis Vuitton Handbag (New: $903 to $1112; Used: 547 to $731)
  • 3.1 Phillip Lim Handbag (New: $204 to 421; Used: $145 to $247)
  • Rebecca Minkoff Handbag (New: $114 to $135; Used: $59 to $76)
  • Christian Louboutin Heels (New: $218 to $498; Used: $186 to $225)
  • Alexander Wang Boots (New: $203 to $331 Used: $140 to $330)
  • Stuart Weitzman Boots (New: $249 to $338; Used: $186 to $225)
  • Golden Goose Sneakers (New: $206 to $305; Used: $160 to $225)
  • Fenty x Puma Rihanna Sneakers (New: $147 to $186; Used: $86 to 124)

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